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movement increases wellbeing-a dancer appears calm and peaceful and is moving from an authentic place




Yoga with Gillian continues, Classes with Alanna

on hold until late August.


Welcome to your community for mindful movement!

Discover a joyful, sustainable approach to movement and fitness at Embody. Fall in love with yourself and deepen your relationship with your body-exactly as it is today. Perhaps your goals are to try something new, have fun, meet new people. Or to reconnect with your body in a powerful, meaningful and lasting way,  or to gain strength, coordination, flexibility, agility or neuroplasticity. We have many classes that will meet all these needs. At our studio we welcome all bodies, all levels of fitness and ability.  Every age, gender, culture, race and body type, from those with physical limitations to the most athletic, are invited! Our studio values connection and personalization, and you will not find any competition within our walls. We truly strive to create a safe and welcoming container and are committed to meeting you where you are at each day.

You can take in-person classes locally at our beautiful studio in the heart of Creston. Meet our warm, genuine community, and explore a variety of dance, movement and yoga classes to condition all of you … Body Mind Spirit!  Benefit from joyful Nia classes,  alignment focused yoga and experience NiaFreeDance or JourneyDance for a free form exhilirating therapeutic movement journey similar to ecstatic dance.

We are passionate about movement for health, joy, expression, and healing.


You can still view our calendar and book classes using our website or app. However, you must now pay each teacher directly. (Only Alanna's classes can still be paid for online). Please book the class on the site or app and then e transfer your teacher or bring cash. 

Please note, most classes now require a minimum of 3 pre-paid people for classes to run, and we will make the call at 24 hours prior to class. So please book early (at least 24 hours in advance) to ensure that classes will run. Thank you for your understanding!



We are located at 1217 Canyon Street in the heart of downtown Creston. We have a small space of about 800 square feet which allows a maximum of 10-12 students for movement classes and 10-14 for yoga.

There is plenty of parking on the street and in the two large public lots behind the CIBC one block over. Our studio has been renovated with a brand new heating and air conditioning system with high quality air filteration. We sanitize the bathroom and touch points, as well as clean the floor after each class and do a deep floor and entire studio clean and disinfect weekly.


Our studio is available to rent for community get togethers that fit into our values and mission. Please note our space is a shoes off space to protect our beautiful floors which is actually a giant mat. Please contact us for more information using the form below. 

Contact Us: 
Please note our studio is not open to walk in off the street. We don't have a reception area and instructors are onsite only during classes. We are located at 1217 Canyon Street, Creston BC.

The best way to contact us is TO CONTACT EACH TEACHER directly for questions.
Alanna (Nia, FreeDance, JourneyDance, Easy Groove)

Gillian (Vinyasa Yoga, Beginner Yoga) -


Why I Love Nia

Hands down the best movement / life therapy I've experienced. The music will call you, the rhythms will send you tapping, twirling, stretching, flowing to heal this one of a kind body we've been gifted with. Embrace it and Nia will love you back!!

-Ellen Parish


13+ years into the practice, Nia continues to support an enjoyable, soul-friendly everyday practice that honors all aspects of being human: body, mind, emotions, spirit. It's a workout, a community builder, a possibility to create livelihood in ways I could not imagine - and yet, hoped for. It's sweat, silliness and serenity in the same package.

-Minna Aalto

I do Nia Because..

Nia has taught me to listen to the wisdom of my body. I find strength and peace where I thought there was none. I am fiercely proud of my body and all it is capable of. My life is truly made better because of this practice.

-Rachel Prince


Nia for me is all about the magic of music,movement and community. It’s one of those things you have to try just once and you immediately get a big payback! Joy, groove, creativity, power, freedom all in one hour.

-Vicci Calvo Kane

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