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Who We Are


Alanna Wilson

Studio Owner/Instructor

I am a creative, a manifester, mover, entrepreneur, mother, wife, student, teacher & friend. I started dancing at the age of 7 and decided to pursue modern dance as my career through a technical dance college. Partway through I discovered dance for the purpose of healing and expression and specifically Nia and after graduating I began my holistic movement journey. I am a Black Belt level Nia instructor, a FreeDance & FloorPlay & Moving to Heal instructor as well as a JourneyDance guide. My commitment to continued movement education includes Authentic Movement, 5Rhythms, Gaga, Yoga, Feldenkais, and metaphysical studies.


I LOVE sharing my passion for Nia. This lifestyle practice touches my every day and has helped me learn how to choose more joy and mindfulness. I am inspired to share the joy of movement to everyBODY-all shapes, and sizes, ages and abilities.

Teaching this practice is my life’s work. Through it, I have found a way to integrate body, mind, emotions and spirit as well I have found connection and belonging. Hope to see you on the dance floor.


Support Instructor - Nia, Creative Movement for Children

Tanya has taught dance for over thirty years in the areas of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, and more.  She has an extensive dance background including both her professional dance training, as well as experience performing across Canada. Tanya moved to B.C. two years ago to the Creston Valley from Manitoba where she was one of the lead instructors at Danceworks for 15 years. It was in BC that Tanya received her white belt in the Nia Technique. Tanya’s love for movement fuels her desire to share her passion and main objective which is: Dancing is communication, dancing is healing, dancing has no boundaries and is unique to each individual.

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Yoga Instructor

Gillian began practicing yoga in 2012 in Fredericton,

NB and fell completely in love with how good it made her body feel, as a student nurse at the time.  She wanted to share this newfound sense of feeling strong and at home in her body, and so she took her 200hr teacher training in the fall of 2018. This sparked an ongoing enthusiasm for learning about functional mobility, creating community, and helping people find space in their own bodies for more self-compassion, love, and healing. Making yoga fun and accessible, so that each person leaves class feeling better than when they arrived is her reason for teaching. Gillian loves teaching classes that have fun transitions, challenge the body and the mind with movement, and offer many options for every size, shape, and skill of every participant in the room. 


Yoga Instructor

I was introduced to yoga 14 years ago when I attended a 2-week-trial of Bikram Hot Yoga. Although I enjoyed the framework of Bikram, I wasn’t sure what to make of the intensity and rigidity of the style, and I felt I had to see what else was out there. So began my interest in yoga, and my passion for absorbing and incorporating all of the various styles and theories into my practice. In 2019 I completed the 200h Yoga Teacher Training Program at Moksana Yoga School in Victoria BC. Through this program I gained deeper insight into the origins of yoga, the physical alignment of poses, the theories and methodologies of the early teachers, and developed a deeper connection to my own practice. As a teacher, I hope to share this knowledge and to guide you to your own love of yoga. At Emboy Studio my class offerings will include Yin/Yang, Intro to Hatha, and Restorative. 



Somatic Groundwork / Yoga Instructor

The first time Gwen walked into a yoga class it felt as if she had come home. It provided a vehicle through which she could let go, breathe, and quickly stabilize her nervous system. This is the passion and gift she seeks to bring through her teachings of Somatic Play.


As a 500hr Certified Yoga teacher through the Healing Movements Yoga Centre, and student of Somatic Groundwork Practice, Gwen has been educated to teach a mindful, connecting, restorative practice that encourages better movement, strength and health. Gwen’s guidance and practice encourages a mindful, playful body awareness that brings nourishment and peace to the mind, body and spirit

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Qi Gong Instructor

Dove moved to the Creston Valley 7 years ago and began her education in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in 1998. She is the Co-Owner of Creston Acupuncture & Natural Health Centre that has been serving the area for the last 5+ years. One component of TCM is Qi Gong (pronounced “Chee Gong”), which translates to “Energy Work”, though Dove prefers the term of “Energy Play'' as it is the curiosity and playfulness that creates the lightness that delights her. Dove has been practicing Qi Gong on and off since beginning her education but it has become a deeply impactful part of her life in the past several years providing her a practice that allows her to find her centre and balance that has carried her through many storms. Dove is not a Master of Qi Gong, but rather a lifelong student, and this will be the first introduction to teaching her passion as the inclination to share this embodied form of breath, body, movement, and meditation became undeniable. There are many different traditional forms of the ancient modality of Qi Gong, but it is Dove’s intention to share aspects of her own practice in a non-traditional, piecemeal way that will evolve and change according to seasons and current influential energies that can be modified for any level of experience.

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Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Teacher

Katie has over 20 years of experience in Belly Dance and still enjoys learning more.  Her goal is to create a Belly Dance community here in Creston and empower her students to express their inner goddess / god.  Katie's favorite thing about teaching is seeing the joy and wonder when we dance. Belly Dance for Katie has value not only to the body but to our inner creativity and power.  She hopes to give her class the experience of connecting to their body, exploring their sensuality and to lighting their inner spark of joy.


Regularly practicing Belly Dance can improve posture, grace and balance.  Katie says it has empowered her to be her and explore who she is, and meet her inner goddess.  It has also connected her to a community of dancers and she has made many lifelong friends.

Katie's favorite way to stay healthy and get fit is dancing, although walking is a close second.  She enjoys taking Nia dance, yoga and Qi Gong classes.  They influence the way she teaches BD by learning to connect, stretch and bring joy to our bodies.  You’ll find that she sprinkles in a little of them all when she does the warm up and cool down.  The rest of the class is learning the moves and doing some easy choreo.  She tries to tailor my classes to the students.  Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned dancer, Katie hopes to bring joy to your movement.  If you have any injuries then please let her know and she can modify the movements or bring your awareness to any movements that may be a challenge. 

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Yoga Instructor

Jenn is a dedicated yogi with over 9 years experience and is a certified instructor with her trauma certification. Jenn brings a vast background in sports, having been a mountain bike instructor, an Elite Hockey team instructor and business owner for elite youth hockey. She is passionate about Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga and is certified to teach this unique way of combining yoga and outdoors.

Jenn teaches Power Yoga, Hatha, Yoga for Athletes, Vinyasa and Yoga for Mobility. She is excited to bring her knowledge and dedication to Embody. Jenn's classes are open to all levels but will definitely be slightly more challenging than some of our other classes like slow/flow. 

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