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What is Nia, Holistic Movement and JourneyDance anyway?

Nia is a holistic movement practice that combines dance, martial arts and mindfulness practices. It is also a lifestyle and a vast education system geared toward personal growth and enrichment. Visit to learn more and view examples of classes.

FreeDance and JourneyDance are conscious dance practices that are also opportunities for personal transformation and have no specific "steps".


I Don't Consider Myself a "Dancer"

Only Classic Nia and Moving to Heal classes have steps and sequences. Having said that, the steps are very simple and repetitive and we will say it again and again: the primary goal is NOT about getting it right, but about SENSING how your body, today -wants to move AND by following the path of pleasure in your body. It doesn't matter if you are going this way, and some others are going that way. You do it your way! 

The opportunity is also there however, for challenging your brain with balance, direction and musicality, and you will build new neuropathways-a key to staying young and nimble. Mostly-it is just alot of fun!

If you don't consider yourself the dancing type, consider that where there is movement, there is health. By paying attention to how your body feels, you are deepening the connection you have with your body while getting a workout. You are invited to explore and sense emotions through moving, and the invitation is there to step into a greater sense of your personal power, all while increasing mobility, flexibility, agililty, strength and stability.

FreeDance and JourneyDance have no steps to follow. You are guided to explore different ways of moving, to a rich tapestry of sound and to let go of your thinking mind. As you let go of judgement and fear, your body will respond with ease and enjoyment.


What Do I Wear?

You can wear whatever you feel good moving in! Make sure your clothing is comfortable and allows you to move freely. We encourage you to play with how your clothing and jewelry can add to the sensation of joy and expression for Nia, FreeDance and JourneyDance.

Bring water, and feel free to bring a mat, however our floor is one giant mat! For yoga, please bring your own mat.

We dance bare foot and you must remove your shoes immediately upon entering the space. If shoes are neccesary for you, please bring soft soled shoes that are for indoor use only. Our studio floor is one giant mat, which is not designed for use with shoes.


I'm not in great shape. Will I be able to keep up?

All our classes are designed to be adaptable to all levels of fitness. How much or how little you do is up to you and we will do our best to model ways to increase or decrease your level of conditioning. If you have an injury or a physical restriction you will be able to participate by adapting or even using a chair. The classes are absolutely non-competitive and by sensing and listening to your body you will gain the abililty to recognize and respect your own limits and when and how to push them when you desire. Some student have said the biggest take away they have received from regular Nia practice is learning how much they can benefit from actually moving smaller, and less, therefore gaining the benefits of "excercise" even when feeling run down, tired, down or not-in-shape.

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