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Qi Gong

Qi Gong can optimize energy within the body, mind, and spirit, with gentle movements

  • 1 h
  • 18 Canadian dollars
  • Our Studio

Service Description

Immersing yourself in the ancient art of Medical Qi Gong is a journey toward harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, and Medical Qi Gong is one of three modalities besides, Martial Art Qi Gong, Spiritual Qi Gong. Medical Qi Gong offers a serene sanctuary where movement, breath, and intention converge. Originally conceived as a method for cultivating vitality and inner balance, Qi Gong has blossomed into a comprehensive somatic discipline. It seamlessly integrates the grace of martial arts disciplines such as Tai Chi and can also harvest the Qi in stationary postures. In the gentle embrace of a Qi Gong class, you'll discover a graceful interplay between structure and natural Qi flow. Each movement is an invitation to explore and honor your body's unique rhythm and energy flow. There no right or wrong in Qi Gong—only the exquisite art of listening to your body's wisdom and moving in accordance with its whispers. Participants of all ages and physical abilities are warmly welcomed into the Qi Gong community. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or taking your first step onto this path, there's space for everyone to embrace their journey towards well-being. Beyond the graceful movements lies a profound opportunity for personal transformation. Through Qi Gongs gentle yet powerful exercises, you'll enhance your cardiovascular health, boost strength, foster agility, and help strength for specific inner organs. Embracing the practice barefoot, you'll tap into the grounding of the earth, empowering each movement with a sense of rootedness and stability. Qi Gong sessions are inclusive spaces, inviting individuals aged 14 and above, with the option for parents to wear their babies. Remember to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the session. To ensure an enriching experience for all, a minimum of 3 participants is required for each class. Secure your spot by booking and pre-paying at least 24 hours in advance. You can conveniently reserve your place by sending an e-transfer to our instructor, Jan, at or by booking through email and paying in person. For those eager to embark on a deeper journey, Jan offers a 5-class pass at a discounted rate. Reach out to him directly for more information and to seize this opportunity for profound self-discovery and renewal through the art of Qi Gong. Stay tuned for upcoming introductory free class.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Prepaid classes and absence from classes are non-refundable unless: 1. It is canceled by the studio 2. You are unwell or have been exposed to Covid Class Passes are non-refundable, non-extendable, and non-transferable to other persons. They are subject to limits of time. Please cancel on your end within 2 hours of class so others can fill your spot. Passes are honored until their expiration date. Passes can be extended by the studio only if classes are reduced significantly or canceled.

Contact Details

  • Embody Movement Studio, Canyon Street, Creston, BC, Canada

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